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Author Katy CooperIf I had to sum myself up in a single phrase, that phrase would be “Reader, writer, curious person.” I read all the time. I write because I can’t stop myself and because it feeds my soul. And I’m interested in more things than I can name. I pretty much live down the research rabbit hole.

My father was a career Air Force officer, so, growing up, I went to 8 different schools and lived in three countries, and I was always aware of military hierarchies. That goes with the territory when you’re a military brat.

My mother had an dual degree in English and Mathematics and taught middle-grade for not nearly long enough. She once told me a story about forgetting how to spell the word ‘hurt’ and being utterly unable to figure it out because nothing she tried made sense. I think I get my love of language from her; spending an hour mulling over the spelling and meaning of a single word is something I’m sure I’ve done.

One thing my parents had in common was a love of reading so there were books everywhere when I was growing up, and I was allowed to check out anything I wanted from the library. My reading is omnivorous and voracious, and has been since I learned how. Someone who knows me well once said I have the most catholic reading tastes of anyone they know. All that wide-ranging exploration finds its way into my writing, one way or another.

I live north of Boston with my sister and our two rescue dogs.

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